Training provides opportunities for practitioners to continue learning and keep up to date with changes and new educational initiatives. I aim to inspire practitioners with new ideas and approaches that can be easily incorporated into their daily practice.

I deliver training on a range of topics both online and in-person. 

Guest Speaker

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Tune in to the MindBe Pre-School Mindfulness Summit with the director Dr Helen Maffini and other fabulous speakers. I discuss how to support mindfulness though nature play in urban environments.


At the Shanghai EdFest hosted by Wellington College, I discussed the importance of Cultivating Creativity in the early years.

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What people say...

Christine O'Connor, Managing Director, House of Colours, Al Ain, UAE

 On behalf of all the Nursery I would like to say a HUGE thank you for all the courses that you ran for us - all the courses were very professional and gave us great ideas that work within the Nursery

Naziha Amin, Managing Director, Winsor Nursery, Abu Dhabi, UAE

I know that all the girls have really appreciated your sessions, not just mine but from other nurseries too.

Miranda, Head of Early Years, Braeburn Schools, Mombasa, Kenya

You know what you are talking about! You have re-enforced and inspired us to start the year full of enthusiasm!

Jo Shaban, Managing Director, Bright Beginnings Nursery, Abu Dhabi, UAE

We will miss your brilliant training at Bright Beginnings. You have been a huge asset to us. Many thanks to you for the important contribution you have made to Early Years Education in Abu Dhabi and in particular Bright Beginnings.



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