Join me and other fabulous speakers at the MindBe Education summit. I'll be talking to Dr Helen Maffini about how nature play can be brought into urban environments.


Part 3 – How to Connect Education and Nature in the UAE

27 Nov 2021

Part three explores ways in which settings in the UAE can get children connected with the rich natural desert, oasis, beach and park environments.


Part 2 – Creating natural outdoor learning spaces.

13 Nov 2021

Part two provides lots of practical ways to enhance your existing outdoor learning spaces and incorporate nature play. We also explore ways urban based settings can bring wildlife and nature into the setting.


The pandemic of the last couple of years has meant children and their families have spent large amounts of time indoors with less movement and connection with the outdoors. With restrictions in many countries now lifting its time to get children outdoor! Part one explores the many benefits connecting education and nature have on young children.


Connecting Education and Nature

24 Aug 2021

Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa have a natural rich environments for children to explore. This exclusive session is for Breaburn Schools, looks at how nature play can be incorporated alongside the curriculum.



Sam Mihajlovic, Head of Early Years, Braeburn School, Nairobi, Kenya

I just wanted to share with you the impact that your training from last August has had on our team. Immediately after our wonderful session with you we started thinking very seriously about how we could incorporate some nature into our setting. We went on a little recce to Ngong Forest to find out if this would be a suitable place for a forest visit. It was so wonderful (and only 10 minutes away!) that we have made it into a monthly Nature Day excursion for the children on FS1 and FS2.




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